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Bikernieku Mezs

I recently returned from Latvia after visiting a couple of concerts with Sinfonietta Riga in various parts of the country. They had decided to take Bikernieku Mezs (Bikerniki Forest) on tour with them this spring, and they did a lovely job with the piece. In fact, I don't think I ever heard my music so well played. It's a pity that contemporary music usually only is played once or twice, because the music really starts to open up once the musicians and conductor starts to feel comfortable with the piece. The last performance (their 6th) in Cesis was outstanding, and I received a lot of great comments after the concert from the audience. Most memorable was the old man that thanked me after the concert. I had no real idea what he told me since he didn't speak any english at all, but I understood from some impromptu sign-language that he had a special connection to the forest as a child. A most touching moment as a composer I must say, all the hard work felt worth while right there.

Sinfonietta Riga made a documentation of the piece with a stereo microphone. I don't think I will put it on the website, but if you are interested in the piece just send me a message and I will send it to you.

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